Investing Into APS For Our Children’s Future

Over the years, we’ve been proud of the excellent academic results of our students in both International and Malaysian National curricula. Because of the consistent efforts of our students and educators, we are ranked as one of the top 5 performing schools in the Petaling Utama District and are rated as a 5-Star school by the Ministry of Education (MOE). However, there is no end to getting better, so we are constantly improving our offering both inside and outside the classroom.

Our acquisition in 2019 by the International Schools Partnership (ISP) presented a chance to do just that. ISP is a dynamic education group consisting of 50 schools spanning 15 countries, and shares our philosophy of quality and excellence in education. As part of their commitment, ISP regularly invests in its schools, including building three new school buildings and undertaking six major refurbishment projects across its portfolio.

Since taking ownership of APS, ISP has been working closely with us to develop a programme of improvement for the physical environment of our campus. In fact, in the past year alone,  significant investments into key areas have been made, such as:

  • a major repainting project
  • implementing enhanced security measures at the main lobby
  • improvements to safeguarding throughout the school
  • constructing new meeting rooms for private discussions
  • upgrading on-campus toilets

The next phase of physical enhancement involves a range of investments into the school’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to ensure our students have all the facilities they need to continue to succeed.

Besides investing into the physical environment, ISP is also taking significant steps to further develop our school’s human resource infrastructure. In this area, ISP has invested into:

  • hiring new staff for HR, Finance and Admissions to better support students, parents, and school operations
  • additional training for staff development

Significantly, a new role of Executive Principal of APS has been created to streamline the development of APS. Mr Rob Reed, an accomplished and award-winning leader, has been appointed to this role. Formerly the Head of Secondary (International) at APS, he is now taking on the task of leading both the International Curriculum and Malaysian National Curriculum leadership teams, moving in one cohesive and inclusive direction while integrating ISP’s evidence-based educational philosophy of Amazing Learning into the School’s learning culture.

With these improvements in both the physical environment and learning culture coming online in phases, these are indeed exciting times for our school. 

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