Amazing Learning at Asia Pacific Schools

What is Amazing Learning? Have you had an “Oh no!” moment that turned into an “Oh wow!” moment?

At Asia Pacific Schools and as a community, we believe that each learning journey is unique and it is about getting better.

We encourage our students to think the problem through, ask questions, and find the best solutions. They are resilient and persistent. They don’t give up and they “wow” themselves because they have done better than they thought they could!

Experience learning that is truly Amazing!
Turn those "Oh no" moments into "Oh wow" moments today!

At Asia Pacific Schools, we believe that a “good struggle” is necessary to experience breakthroughs. A good struggle is challenging yet empowering. It is when students persevere and have a sense of success towards achieving goals and outcomes. At the end of the day, we want our students to say ‘I didn’t realise I could do that but I found a way!’ We nurture our students not just academically but holistically too by developing the life skills they need to thrive regardless of what the future may be!

Meet Adlyn
"When I think of Amazing Learning, I would always think of my achievements that I never thought I could achieve or I never thought I would have achieved." - Adlyn, Student
Meet Ms. Juman
"I changed from micromanaging to being able to stand back and watch student leaders develop and run the show, I realised - Wow, I made that happen!" - Ms. Juman, Deputy Head of Secondary
Meet Mr. Yujiro
"I would describe Amazing Learning as the joy of learning. It comes when my sons encounter good surprises or when they feel their curiosity gets stimulated." - Mr. Yujiro, Parent
Meet Kayden
"I would describe Amazing Learning as times when I surprised myself and times when the unexpected happened." - Kayden, Student
Meet Ms. Li Lian
"As a teacher, I've seen my students simply surprise themselves, and even their parents too! My goal is to create a spark in the students' learning experience which will lead to Amazing Learning." - Ms. Li Lian, Teacher
Meet Ms. Lulu
"What is Amazing Learning? It is when you decide to go out of your comfort zone and achieve new heights and gain new learning experiences which allows you to grow, and that to me is definitely a personal journey." - Ms. Lulu, Parent
Meet Zoha
"Amazing Learning is when I get better at something to the point that I didn't know I would do well in that thing. I improved a lot by doing the unexpected." - Zoha, Student
Meet Ms. Azizah
"Amazing Learning is when the children's passions are bigger than their fear; they never give up, they keep trying and they just want to keep getting better." - Ms. Azizah, Teacher

Maths Challenge week - Shapeasaurus

Our Early Years students in Asia Pacific International School took part in the Maths Challenge week held in May with their own contributions! Their challenge was all about shapes and they formed triangles, rectangles, and squares using different materials from around the house. They creatively used shapes to produce fish, robots and even 3-D dinosaurs! Imagine getting chased by a Shapeasaurus!

World Book Week Celebration at Asia Pacific Schools

As part of the World Book Week celebrations, our Asia Pacific International School's (APIS) Modern Foreign Language and Art departments collaborated on the use and meaning of proverbs in each of the foreign languages taught. Students from Year 1 to Year 10 were invited to illustrate a proverb from their study list. They truly amazed us with their enthusiasm, creativity, and ability to understand metaphors and think out of the box.

Learning about mapping skills through an Amazing treasure hunt at Asia Pacific Schools

Our Year 6 students have been developing and applying their mapping skills whilst immersing themselves in an amazing pirate adventure to hunt for treasure. They had to follow the treasure map and find hidden letters which spelled out the locations of the treasure. The Year 6 students solved the puzzles with their understanding of the eight points of the compass. They followed and gave directions according to the compass points as well as utilised their forward-thinking skills in planning their adventure with the compass and four figure grid references. They clearly relished the opportunity to explore new abilities in an active way and the treasure hunt successfully allowed them to demonstrate their mapping skills and knowledge.

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