Amazing Learning at Asia Pacific Schools

What is Amazing Learning? Have you had an “Oh no!” moment that turned into an “Oh wow!” moment?

At Asia Pacific Schools and as a community, we believe that each learning journey is unique and it is about getting better.

We encourage our students to think the problem through, ask questions, and find the best solutions. They are resilient and persistent. They don’t give up and they “wow” themselves because they have done better than they thought they could!

Experience learning that is truly Amazing!
Turn those "Oh no" moments into "Oh wow" moments today!

At Asia Pacific Schools, we believe that a “good struggle” is necessary to experience breakthroughs. A good struggle is challenging yet empowering. It is when students persevere and have a sense of success towards achieving goals and outcomes. At the end of the day, we want our students to say ‘I didn’t realise I could do that but I found a way!’ We nurture our students not just academically but holistically too by developing the life skills they need to thrive regardless of what the future may be!

Meet Adlyn
"When I think of Amazing Learning, I would always think of my achievements that I never thought I could achieve or I never thought I would have achieved." - Adlyn, Student
Meet Ms. Juman
"I changed from micromanaging to being able to stand back and watch student leaders develop and run the show, I realised - Wow, I made that happen!" - Ms. Juman, Deputy Head of Secondary
Meet Mr. Yujiro
"I would describe Amazing Learning as the joy of learning. It comes when my sons encounter good surprises or when they feel their curiosity gets stimulated." - Mr. Yujiro, Parent
Meet Kayden
"I would describe Amazing Learning as times when I surprised myself and times when the unexpected happened." - Kayden, Student
Meet Ms. Li Lian
"As a teacher, I've seen my students simply surprise themselves, and even their parents too! My goal is to create a spark in the students' learning experience which will lead to Amazing Learning." - Ms. Li Lian, Teacher
Meet Ms. Lulu
"What is Amazing Learning? It is when you decide to go out of your comfort zone and achieve new heights and gain new learning experiences which allows you to grow, and that to me is definitely a personal journey." - Ms. Lulu, Parent
Meet Zoha
"Amazing Learning is when I get better at something to the point that I didn't know I would do well in that thing. I improved a lot by doing the unexpected." - Zoha, Student
Meet Ms. Azizah
"Amazing Learning is when the children's passions are bigger than their fear; they never give up, they keep trying and they just want to keep getting better." - Ms. Azizah, Teacher

Rugby Against Breast Cancer

Rugby Against Breast Cancer, a collaboration between Black Mamba Rugby Club, APSS Interactive Movement (AIM), Department of Technical & Vocational and Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) was a joint effort to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer charity. Besides rugby matches, there were stalls set up at the school cafeteria to liven up the event including performances by our very rock band! From the profits generated from this event, APSS Secondary will be donating RM3,535.70 to a non-profit organisation that aims to care for the welfare of breast cancer patients and survivors.

APSS Annual Leadership Camp

The annual APSS Leadership Camp held at the Sanctuary & Training Camp, Port Dickson from 30 September to 2 October, had a total of 118 students from the Board of Prefects and Board of Librarian Prefects. The objective of the camp was to instill leadership, accountability, responsibility and most of all character building. Students were exposed to various leadership dispositions and were taught to value each form of leadership style. The camp was laid out with countless Amazing Learning & Skills For Life activities such as team building, physical training and communication skills relevant to 21st-century learning. It was an enjoyable and memorable experience for both students and teachers as many bonds were created and most importantly, life lessons learnt.

Street Child United

It has always been a pleasure for APS to be part of this noble and charitable event Through different initiatives, including the sale of the SCU jersey, a bake sale, and numerous other events, we were able to raise RM6584.40 for Street Child United (SCU), the official charity partner of ISP. Led by Mr Yoga and Mr Addie, our students are always prepared and motivated to lend a helping hand to the needy as it is part of their Amazing Learning journey to develop #SkillsForLife such as being charitable and generous.

APSS Field Trips

Our APSS secondary students went on a journey to different areas of Selangor to experience situations similar to those in industry and to practise some social responsibility. While Secondary 2 travelled to Sekinchan to see and learn about paddy planting and processing at the Sekinchan Paddy Processing Factory, IKS Industrial Area, Kuala Selangor & Malawati Hill, Kuala Selangor, Secondary 1 had the opportunity to experience kampung life at Kampung Sungai Sireh. Secondary 4 helped transplant mangrove plants at the Elmina Knowledge Research Centre while Secondary 3 visited Gua Tempurung in Gopeng, Perak. The mangrove planting experience included a lesson on the value of mangrove trees to the ecosystem and how it contributes to environmental preservation. Our APSS primary students too had their school trip during this period and many were excited and looking forward to being in touch with the world after a long hiatus due to the pandemic. These trips serve as an opportunity to expose students to real-life experiences which in turn help shape character and social skills. Ultimately, the students were able to appreciate learning from an experiential perspective

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