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What must students learn?

There is broad consensus that students need the ‘basics’: a strong foundation in ‘core’ subjects such as maths, science, English and (for the national curriculum) Bahasa Melayu. This consensus is reflected in our APS curricula in both the national and international schools. 

Students also need great examination grades: these grades are their ‘ticket’ to open doors in the big wide modern world.  Again, this is reflected in our APS provision, as both IGCSE and SPM results have continued to be strong despite all the recent challenges of the pandemic.

Let’s talk about learning…

For me personally, one of the very first attractions to joining ISP was our very clear understanding of learning. I have worked in schools for over 30 years and the ISP articulation of learning is the best synthesis I have found of decades of research put into clear easily accessibly language.

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