International Preschool

The very first years of formal education condition all the others that come after. For this reason, our International Preschool Programme lays a solid foundation for achievement during school life and beyond.

Through a stimulating and nurturing atmosphere, the programme is designed to encourage children aged 18 months to 4 years old to “Learn and Grow” as independent active learners. Purposeful play activities, delivered by way of a thematic curriculum, allow children to absorb valuable principles while gaining practical knowledge in a fun and engaging manner. Cooperative activities give them the opportunity to build vital social and interpersonal skills from a young age as well.

The end result? Young learners equipped with the knowledge that there is so much yet to be discovered in life, and the natural curiosity for a lifetime of learning.

Academics & Areas of Development

Our International Preschool Programme follows the International Preschool Curriculum, which is part of the English National Curriculum. The IPC model is designed to tap into children’s natural curiosity and uses play-based approaches to help them develop personally, socially and emotionally, and become well-rounded, inquisitive learners.

Student progress is assessed based on classroom observation benchmarked on early learning goals. As such, your child will not sit for formal exams as academic assessments are not the priority at this early stage. However, the programme does focus on three key areas of development which guide our educators.

Personal, Social And Emotional Development
Through group play and collaborative activities, children learn how to manage their feelings and understand appropriate behaviour in groups. As they form positive relationships with others they gain a positive sense of themselves too.
Communication And Language
Our children are immersed in a rich language environment and are consistently encouraged to speak and listen in a range of situations. This develops their confidence and skill in expressing themselves.
Physical Development
By providing young children lots of opportunities to be active and interactive, they develop their physical coordination, spatial awareness, and understanding of healthy choices.

We understand that every child is unique and is capable of becoming a strong and independent learner. That is why our caring and dedicated teachers carefully observe each child to ensure they are engaged in class and are ready to respond to their individual needs. We also establish strong partnerships between teachers and parents so that we can establish the best way to support your child’s growth.

Every class has two teachers present at all times to ensure that every child gets the personal attention they need. Furthermore, with our Amazing Learning philosophy, children are encouraged to independently find solutions to assigned tasks so that they can experience personal breakthroughs in learning. We firmly believe that such good struggle during their preschool years help children grow into resilient, capable, confident and self-assured individuals.

Areas of Learning

In addition to the three key areas of development, our International Preschool programme also defines a further four key learning areas, which are:

When children learn how read and write competently, a whole new world of knowledge and imagination opens up to them through books
Counting, understanding and using numbers, simple calculation problems, and the ability to describe shapes, spaces, and measures are foundational for many other life skills.
Understanding The World
Children make sense of their physical surroundings and their community by exploring, observing and finding out about people, places, technology and the environment.
Expressive Arts And Design
Children develop self-assurance and discover boundless creativity as they share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through art, music, movement, dance, role-play, and design and technology

The skills your child gains in the International Preschool programme will lay a solid foundation for their smooth transition into more formal learning, either in the International Curriculum or Malaysian National Curriculum, in subsequent years.

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