International Schools Partnership

Asia Pacific Schools (APS) is extremely pleased to be part of International Schools Partnership (ISP), a dynamic network of 76 schools in 21 different countries committed to an organisational learning culture of ‘getting better’.

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The ISP Difference

ISP is focused on getting the learning culture right in all its schools, and regularly provides expertise to develop better learning opportunities for students. For us, this is an opportunity to re-examine our students’ learning environment to see how we can continually get better in order to help our students get better too and learn to levels that amaze them.

As part of an international education network, our school and our teachers have access to the best ideas from a global network of passionate educators and child education experts. This includes The Learning Hub, a repository of teaching resources, methods, tools and approaches compiled and updated from across our global network. With this rich bank of insight, our educators have a rich resource of quantitative and qualitative knowledge that they can apply for the benefit of our students – whether in the International or Malaysian National stream.

Amazing Learning

Amazing Learning happens when our students surprise themselves by reaching a level beyond what they thought was possible. While this may not happen every day, it should happen often enough that our students can take that memory of excelling beyond themselves into their adult lives.

APS is working closely with ISP to enhance our school programmes and ensure that students are engaged and focused on getting better all the time. Our aim is to help students realise deep within themselves that when they focus on a goal and apply themselves diligently, they can reach amazing levels of achievement.

ISP’s Vision, Purpose & Principles


To be the leading international schools group of quality and scale, with schools of choice recognised across local communities and the global education sector for Amazing Learning, ambition and growth.


The International Schools Partnership has a clear purpose. We are a focused, growing and financially secure group of schools. All our schools:

  • Help children and students learn to levels that amaze them.
  • Inspire children and students to be successful now and equip them to be successful later.
  • Are truly international, working in partnerships within and across regions, cultures and languages.
  • Aim to be the first choice for children, students and their families, wherever we are.


Our Principles emphasise and underpin how we do what we do.

Begin with our children and students
Our children and students are at the heart of our business. Simply, their success is our success.

Treat everyone with care and respect
We look after one another, embrace similarities and differences and promote the well-being of each other.

Operate effectively
We focus relentlessly on the things that are most important and will make the most difference.

Are financially responsible
We make financial choices carefully based on the needs of the children, students and our schools.

Learn continuously
Getting better is what drives us.

International Student Learning Opportunities

As part of ISP, we are also able to provide our students with opportunities for memorable learning experiences across our global network. These special learning and exchange programmes enable students to develop their language and communication skills, place classroom learning in context, and create long-term friendships across the world, all in a safe and secure environment.

There are currently three programmes up and running for students to enjoy:

This is a one month programme for students aged 14 – 17 years. It gives our students the opportunity to gain real-world learning skills and greater independence, and a chance to connect with people from other countries and cultures. Buddy exchange students will plan and prepare for a trip across the world, live with a new family, and learn in a new environment.
This is a truly international and multicultural event where students gather from around the world to simulate a real UN conference. The task is to debate with other countries to solve an international issue following the ideals of the Charter of the United Nations. Student delegates learn about diplomacy, international relations, public speaking, debating, compromise, and critical thinking skills, while improving their teamwork and leadership abilities.
This camp provides the opportunity for our students to meet other ISP students from all over the world. It is an opportunity for students to experience amazing and diverse learning opportunities, whilst having fun and making new friends. It offers a variety of learning-focused, team building and outdoor activities.
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