Message From Executive Principal

Rob Reed
Executive Principal

Called “an inspirational and resilient leader” by the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (UK), Rob has worked in education since 1994, during which time he has progressed from being a History teacher to a highly experienced Principal renowned for achieving rapid improvements in educational outcomes. He brings a rich academic background to his role at APS, including a Master of Arts (MA) in History and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE), both awarded by the University of Cambridge, and is our first Executive Principal.

I wish you a very warm welcome to Asia Pacific Schools (APS). Thank you for taking time to explore what our school has to offer your child.

APS is not just a place to excel in academic studies. It is where your children will develop the wider skills and character necessary to succeed in the modern world. It is where your children feel free to discover themselves and be challenged to be the best they can be. We strive to create an affirming environment where students experience genuine warmth from teachers who believe in them and support them to become conscientious, responsible and capable persons with the life skills to pursue their passions.

It makes me very proud to be the Executive Principal of this exceptional campus which integrates the International Curriculum and Malaysian National Curriculum. With students from different cultures and nationalities mingling together on our campus, they develop a respect for diversity and a global outlook. I have the privilege to work with our experienced staff to nurture students within this unique environment.

As a school, we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to education; one which encompasses academic rigour, pastoral care, genuine relationships, highly competent and dedicated teachers, and a challenging yet affirming environment, with technology seamlessly binding it all together. A child-centred approach to fostering academic excellence forms the solid foundation.

At the centre of our approach to education is what we call Amazing Learning. This is when our students realise that they are getting better to a level beyond that which they thought was possible. It leads to real brain change and, when they amaze themselves with their progress enough times, they understand that they have the ability and character to be successful in anything they put their mind to.

Our focus on developing the whole child is strengthened through their involvement in a wide range of social, sporting, cultural and community activities. Numerous studies show that academic excellence and wider character development go hand-in-hand because each supports the other in providing students with the attributes to flourish in the wider world.

With many years of heritage in educational excellence behind us, as well as the introduction of an international evidence-based approach provided by the International Schools Partnership, we can draw on a broad and deep pool of resources in equipping your child with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to thrive in our ever-changing globalised world.

If you are considering us as your school of choice, I warmly encourage you to visit our motivated, happy and focused learning community to see what we have to offer your child. Meanwhile, take a few minutes to explore our website and learn more about our school. If you have any enquiries or wish to arrange a tour, please find our contact details on our contact page.

My best regards to you.

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