Why Choose Us?

At Asia Pacific Schools, learning is our top priority. Our view of education goes beyond the curriculum and is strongly centered on students’ holistic development and overall well being. This is because we take one simple, universal truth to heart – well-rounded, happy and fulfilled children learn better. 

As such, we nurture a warm learning environment in our school where friendship, respect and a strong sense of belonging is nurtured between all parties: students, parents, teachers and staff. Our approach to learning is echoed by the evidence of numerous studies around the world and validated by the outstanding academic performance of our students.

APS At a Glance

What makes us a school of choice for both local and expatriate families? Here are just four reasons why parents entrust us to educate their children:

A Caring Community of Learners

Asia Pacific Schools is a supportive community where getting better is a daily outcome. Our teachers place great emphasis on building strong relationships with their students in order to effectively motivate and encourage them in their academic learning, and to personalise and customise their lessons as much as possible.

With access to a stimulating and affirming learning environment, students enjoy their studies and retain information better. Being part of a caring and connected community of learners also builds up your child’s confidence and self-motivation, resulting in better academic outcomes.

Outstanding Achievements

Our students’ academic achievements in both the International Curriculum and Malaysian National Curriculum consistently place us amongst the top schools in our region. As a result, we have gained a reputation as an educational institution that provides students with a rigorous academic grounding.

In addition, we were awarded the prestigious 5-Star Quality Standards Award for Private Education Institutions by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Malaysia, which assesses school performance based on various criteria such as curriculum, teaching and learning, teacher development, standards, discipline, and cleanliness and cheerfulness.

A Truly Global Outlook

We are proudly a school that is firmly rooted in Malaysian soil and values, with a strong vision of preparing our students to take on the world. Besides academic excellence, we focus on wider character development as both are needed for students to succeed in the modern age. The result of this unique blend of local and international approaches to child development can be seen in the success of our students in both academic results and extra-curricular activities.

Whether your child undertakes the International Curriculum or Malaysian National Curriculum, he or she will gain from our approach to school life that blends academic focus with a wide variety of pastoral and after-school activities. This approach draws on the best strengths of Eastern and Western culture and knowledge to help students grow into well-rounded individuals equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to excel in the wider world.

A Place for Amazing Learning

As part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), a global group of learning focused schools, we have access to resources, international opportunities and the rich experience of a worldwide group that is a leader in education, spanning 50 schools across 15 countries.

ISP’s purpose is to help schools bring Amazing Learning to life for their students. Amazing Learning is what happens when learners surprise themselves – and their parents and teachers, too – by getting better to a level beyond that which they thought was possible. In doing so, they develop the self-confidence that comes from knowing that they can surmount any obstacle in their path, enabling them to aim higher and continue to challenge themselves throughout their lives.

Made possible by the optimism, enthusiasm and experience of our teachers and staff, every classroom in our school is a place where Amazing Learning happens.

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