Welcome to Asia Pacific Schools, an inclusive and diverse school offering both the International (IGCSE) & Malaysian National (SPM) curricula.

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International Preschool
We understand that learning takes place both indoors and out. Our stimulating and nurturing environment, combined with a firm foundation in the academic basics, motivates children to learn and grow through exploration and purposeful play.
Children are introduced to more systematic learning through a student-centred approach, while picking up broader experiences through co-curricular activities. This is also when they begin to be immersed in our Amazing Learning environment which seeks to build up confidence in their own ability to learn and improve.
This is the stage where students look forward to growing into responsible and capable young adults. Whether through the International Curriculum or Malaysian National Curriculum, we carefully curate an environment that strongly supports them in this process while enabling strong academic performance.
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Asia Pacific Schools

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Asia Pacific Schools

My 7 years here at APSS have been unforgettable. I will always remember and appreciate all my teachers who have guided me patiently across the years and my friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin. I wish everyone the best with their future, I will definitely visit when I can!

(Malaysian National Curriculum)

My name is Jeon. I think my daughter's 4 gamma teacher is really great. She takes good care of children and teaches them well. This is the most satisfying part of my children attending APIS for 3 years.

The Lee Family from South Korea
Year 4
(International Curriculum)

Hi, my name is Yujiro and my sons have been studying in Asia Pacific International School since January. Kojiro is currently in Year 5 while Atsuro is in Year 9. They both immensely enjoy their Amazing Learning experiences in the school. I know this because I see big smiles on their faces whenever they learn something new. This joy of learning is evident when my sons encounter good surprises and when their curiosities are stimulated. Studying at Asia Pacific International School also allows my sons to be stretched to a higher level. They are taught to challenge and overcome difficulties to get to the next stage. Their growth since joining the school has been wonderful and I am pleased to see how confident and happy they are.

Yujiro – Parent of Kojiro & Atsuro
Year 5 and Year 9
(International Curriculum)

“We would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to the teachers for their priceless efforts, understanding, support and guidance during remote learning.

At first we were both excited about the opportunities that this experience would provide our children and a bit sceptical about their ability to act independently. However, after a week of online learning, we are impressed by the level of engagement, focus and excitement this new experience has given both of them. It is going surprisingly well.

This learning has pushed both of them to be extremely independent and confident, and has given an opportunity to enhance their IT literacy. In addition to that, they have had a good time with their peers. “

Parents of Eshal and Ifzaal
Year 4 and Year 1
(International Curriculum)

"Classes were great and interesting. Personally, I prefer real life classes as I can focus even better with the comfortable surroundings in school that are meant for studying. At home, there’s quite a lot of distractions like phone, siblings, noise and all. Somehow, it’s easier to understand lessons if it’s done in real life. But so far it has been a good experience going to APSS as learning has always been fun with the teachers."

Standard 4
(National Curriculum)

"It's an honour to be associated with Asia Pacific Schools and we are immensely impressed with the endearing efforts of the institution in excelling in all spheres. The school is undoubtedly successful in instilling fine abilities within a child that would eventually be in perfect harmony with the outside world. The honorable Principal, the respected teaching staff and the overall ecosystem built within the institution truly contributes towards our son's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive developments."

Parents of Aninda & Sudeshna
Year 10
(International Curriculum)

"The APS community has helped me grow as an individual and made me a better person. My friends have shown me how a smile can make a difference in someone's day. My teachers have taught me to be proud of my individuality and to never give up. The school community has made me learn the importance of showing kindness and how a person can truly make an impact."

Lim Jing
Alumni of APIS Class of 2021
(International Curriculum)

"My children have been studying at APS for the past 6 and 7 years respectively. This school is wonderful as it has given my children many opportunities to participate in classroom education as well as in extra-curricular activities. My children have been developing well under the school’s guidance and management."

Father of Arya
Standard 1
(Malaysian National Curriculum)

"APS was the third school I moved to within one academic year so needless to say, I didn't have any hope of staying here for any longer than a term. However, the welcoming atmosphere created by my friendly peers and teachers immediately drew me in and has been the reason for my excitement to go to school every day.

My teachers constantly challenge me by creating opportunities to strengthen my abilities in writing and public speaking, and encouraging healthy competition amongst my peers. I have improved drastically because of it. Being with such wonderful people has made travelling an hour to and from school more than worth it."

Alumni of APIS Class of 2021
(International Curriculum)
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