Learning & Success

At Asia Pacific Schools, an affirming learning environment and truly international outlook will help your child develop the confidence and characteristics necessary for global success. Find out more about how the two curricula we offer on campus, our consistent academic success, and the learning support we offer our students.

Academic Pathway

Our dual-curriculum system allows for flexibility in academic pathways while still immersing students in a diverse and international learning environment. Discover what options are open to your child at APS.

Academic Success

We are very proud of our SPM and IGCSE students whose stellar results have helped us gain Ministry of Education acknowledgement as a 5-star school and one of the top schools in our district. View our students’ academic performance here.

Early Years

We understand the power that play has in enhancing children’s learning. As such, young learners are guided through a series of activities that encourage creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Discover how your child benefits from our carefully-designed Early Years programme.

International Curriculum

Study is based on the English National Curriculum, adapted for an international context. With the IGCSE examinations as an end goal and Amazing Learning a daily objective, students are given every opportunity to develop into well-rounded and academically strong individuals.

Primary Curriculum
In the Primary years, we combine a child-centred, thematic approach with a structured academic programme. Discover how our curriculum helps students mature as they learn to connect what they learn in the classroom with their real-life experiences and the world at large.
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Secondary Curriculum
At this stage, students have the liberty to question what they are taught, but are also challenged by teachers to enquire deeper into subject matter. Find out how the expectation on students to take responsibility for their own learning encourages lifelong critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
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Malaysian National Curriculum

Our approach combines the rigours of the Malaysian educational system with an international approach to teaching. Learn more about how this develops independent learning in children, and prepares them to be globally-minded citizens capable of overcoming any challenge.

Primary Curriculum
Our teachers blend an integrated and thematic approach with lively and engaging classroom learning. See how this environment constantly challenges students and creates opportunities for them to develop creative and critical thinking skills.
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Secondary Curriculum
While students focus on preparing for important government examinations, they also have the time and space to develop the soft skills that will serve them well in university and in their career. Discover how, besides academic excellence, we support students’ social and emotional growth as young adults.
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Learning Support

If there are students who have certain language or personal needs, our experienced staff are on-hand to provide specialist support. Find out about the programmes we offer at APS.

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