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In an effective educational environment, the physical offering of a campus and the proven methods and approaches of its educators work in tandem to help students achieve not only better grades but a greater understanding of the subject matter at hand. This guiding principle is at the core of how we approach education at Asia Pacific Schools.

Our heritage dates back to 2006, when Asia Pacific Smart School was formed out of one of Malaysia’s leading higher education institutions for technology education and training. The vision was to integrate technology seamlessly with school curricula in order to produce graduates who possess the life skills and technical abilities to hit the ground running in the wider, working world.

Although our school and its ownership has changed since, this overarching approach remains the same. Whether it’s through the acquisition of skills in technology usage or by embracing a broader view of education that includes social, emotional and physical development (in addition to academic development), we know that children with a broader bank of experiences in life are able to put learning into context, and therefore perform better in examinations and in the tests that the real world brings after graduation.

Today, we are one of the most renowned private schools in the Klang Valley, with a student body of over 1800 across our International Curriculum and Malaysian National Curriculum. Our students are consistent high achievers, with 57.4% of our most recent IGCSE grades at A* – A, and 25.4% of SPM students scoring 6 As and above. However, we aim to provide a complete education by not only encouraging academic excellence, but also character building and civic-mindedness, whilst also focusing on sports and health studies as well as language and communications.

As part of the International Schools Partnership, our foundational philosophy is further strengthened by ISP’s Amazing Learning framework which equips students for success wherever in the world they may end up. Led by this proven approach, we create a holistic, nurturing environment to draw out our students’ full potential, empowering academic excellence through Amazing Learning experiences and wider character development.

The world is a fast changing place, but with an open-minded and innovative approach to educational tools, methods and approaches, we can give our children what they need to excel.

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