International Curriculum

An international education at Asia Pacific Schools gives your child a head start towards success in a highly globalised world. Our holistic, student-focused approach is based on the understanding that effective learning is more than just academic achievement. We acknowledge that every child has different learning styles, experiences, expectations and needs. As such, each child progresses differently.

At the same time, we also recognise that academic performance is a key indicator of students’ ability to learn. Thus, our aim is to create a learning environment that helps our students develop self-confidence and an attitude of excellence, so that they are motivated to learn independently.

We are proud that our approach has resulted in strong academic outcomes, with our students ranking among the best in the country.

Curriculum & Assessments

International Preschool

The International Preschool Programme encourages children to learn and grow in a stimulating and nurturing environment. Our International Preschool curriculum, based on the English National Curriculum, encourages well-rounded development that includes personal and social skills, and physical development.

Students as young as 18 months old are encouraged to let their creative and curious minds lead their daily learning through purposeful play activities. With this play-based approach, our thematic curriculum lets children experience becoming knights and princesses, community helpers, world travellers, archaeologists and more, while discovering a world of learning in the process.


Our curriculum is both innovative and rigorous, using the very best practices of the thematic approach of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) but enhanced with the addition of globally recognised assessments. Our students are educated to be global citizens. Their strong academic knowledge is complemented with 21st century skills. Our students develop an understanding of the world in which they understand the connections across traditional disciplines while acquiring mastery of each of those disciplines. Using the thematic approach, teachers create fun and engaging learning opportunities that enable learners to make connections between subjects and the world around them.


Students in the Secondary years programme, which includes Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – Year 9) and Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & Year 11), work towards attaining their IGCSEs. The aim at this stage is to develop learners who can succeed academically, emotionally and socially. This is balanced with rigorous academic requirements and a growing expectation to be independent, responsible learners. Teachers work closely with students, mentoring them in this crucial process of growth.

Well-Rounded Development

In addition to a strong academic programme, we offer our students a rich extra-curricular calendar that helps them develop a broader outlook on life. Students are encouraged to actively participate in a variety of day and residential trips, after school clubs, while a colourful array of school and inter-school events provide them with learning experiences that build all aspects of their person.

Some unique activities your child could enjoy include:

  • Personal development events and camps (e.g. the ISP Model United Nations, and other international learning opportunities offered by the International Schools Partnership)
  • Competitive events (APS consistently does well in sports and other competitive events)
  • Social responsibility activities (e.g. eco fairs, charity events, recycling activities and more)
  • Arts and drama (APS has a strong tradition of producing plays and musicals)
  • And other stimulating co-curricular activities

At times, students may face struggle as they strive for success. However, given the right support, all struggles are learning experiences that lay the foundation for future triumphs. Through an international education at APS, your child will enter the working world prepared to overcome challenges and fulfil their fullest potential.

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