School Life

At Asia Pacific School, school life extends beyond the classroom. We make sure that our students receive a complete school experience that encapsulates the fun in learning, tied to a strong focus on academic and character excellence.

A Typical Day at Asia Pacific School

Get a snapshot of what children experience in a typical day of learning at our school.

School Calendar

An overview of the various activities, events, and term dates across both of our schools. See our latest school calendars here.

Co-Curricular Activities

Explore the co-curricular activities available to your child. These activities are integral to a holistic education.

After School Clubs (ECAs) & Trips

Learning does not end at the close of the school day! Discover the many opportunities for students to grow their talents after the final bell rings.

Student Leadership

The foundation for strong leadership qualities should be laid at a young age. Find out how we nurture young leaders.

Making A Difference

Our students take great ownership of the charitable and community activities they are doing. Read more about their good work.

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