What is Amazing Learning?

You may have heard the phrase ‘Amazing Learning’ being used around our school and you may be wondering what exactly it means.

Simply put, Amazing Learning is when children surprise themselves – and perhaps their parents and teachers too – with the levels of learning they have achieved. It’s when children realise that they have tremendously improved to a point that they previously thought impossible.

The moments when children amaze themselves and say “I can do this!” may not happen every day. However, such moments should happen often enough for all the children in our school. These Amazing Learning experiences are very important in a child’s journey of learning and growth for three fantastic reasons.

Firstly, Amazing Learning builds up a child’s self-confidence. Children are naturally curious and have an innate desire to learn and get better. Think of babies who don’t give up until they can walk. Remember the joy on their faces when they successfully take their first steps? Children do not need lavish gifts to recognise their achievements. They just need to know that they have done better than before! This can be intrinsic satisfaction or validation by others around the child.

Secondly, Amazing Learning is a stepping stone to an increased rate and uptake of learning. A sense of accomplishment is a powerful motivator to do even better. Some children lose their motivation and ability to learn due to anxiety, pressure or other stress factors. Therefore, effective learning requires a safe environment. That’s why we are very focused on giving our utmost support to our students for Amazing Learning to happen. We want them to bring that memory of excelling beyond themselves with them throughout their time in school.

Thirdly, Amazing Learning lays the foundations for a lifelong growth mindset. Repeated confidence-building experiences bolster our children’s belief that they can always get better in anything they do, even when they become adults. Such lifelong learners will be able to confidently navigate through life’s uncertainties and across different cultures.

Just as each child is different, Amazing Learning experiences can vary greatly. It could be as simple as a child struggling to hold a pencil at the start of the school year, to being able to write whole sentences by the end of it. It could also be as profound as a child’s life-changing realisation that he or she has the ability to learn without over-depending on adult guidance.

Amazing Learning is a student-focused approach that recognises the individuality of every learner and works with their unique personalities. We nurture each student’s gifts and talents within an affirming learning environment in which our children feel the freedom and security to explore and thrive.

We support students’ achievement through a robust curriculum taught by caring teachers who are personally committed to our children’s success. A diverse range of enriching after-school programmes gives our children wider experiences among the school community, so that they can explore their interests while developing interpersonal and leadership skills. Our teachers observe our children carefully to monitor how they can support and challenge them to get better academically, socially, and emotionally.

By enabling our children to experience Amazing Learning, we want to have a real impact on our children – not just during their time in our school, but throughout their lives.

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