I am an ISP Scientist

For the past 3 months, our students have been citizen scientists; where they took part in designing, conducting, analysing and sharing their very own litter campaign. They have just finished the final stage of the programme and we are proud to showcase their Science Communication Pieces.


Infographics were created to illustrate what was found in the students’ litter campaign. From parks to streets and zip ties to bottles, the findings were neatly summarised for all to see.

Alyssa from Asia Pacific Smart School Secondary even created her very own flipbook to document her 7-day research!

Aamir and Arsalan teamed up to find out what’s on the streets of Section 6, Shah Alam.
Alexandria spent 7 days figuring out what is in her local park.
Alfian and Kyan created their very own Wastegram and highlighted their top 2 waste.
Alexandria also has a message to our dear grasscutters – stop littering nylon zip ties!
A 4-day survey was done on the areas outside the school campus and guess what was found?
Check out Alyssa’s flipbook for details on her research and to find out what her conclusion is.

An interactive scrapbook was also by created by Zara as part of her Communication Piece. Watch as she tells us how to “Leave the Dark Side and Join the Bright Side”.

And last but definitely not least, the junior students of Asia Pacific Smart School performed a skit and turned it into a full-blown video production. Enjoy!

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