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08 Mar 2023
What must students learn?
There is broad consensus that students need the ‘basics’: a strong foundation in ‘core’ subjects such as maths, science, English and (for the national curriculum) Bahasa Melayu. This consensus is reflected in our APS curricula in both the national and international schools.  Students also need great examination grades: these grades are their ‘ticket’ to open doors in the big wide modern world.  Again, this is reflected in our APS provision, as both IGCSE and SPM results have continued to be strong despite all the recent challenges of the pandemic.
03 Feb 2023
Let’s talk about learning…
For me personally, one of the very first attractions to joining ISP was our very clear understanding of learning. I have worked in schools for over 30 years and the ISP articulation of learning is the best synthesis I have found of decades of research put into clear easily accessibly language.
29 Sep 2021
The Importance of Physical Education in School
Sports is important in a student’s life, not only to stay healthy and to be physically fit – their importance goes beyond this. It has the ability to embed moral values such as team spirit, sportsmanship, friendliness, hard work, compassion, empathy, respect, forgiveness etc.
17 Mar 2021
EdTech and the Pandemic
How a pandemic has made us adapt to technologies?
11 Oct 2020
Announcement on School Closure from 12th Oct 2020 to 27th Oct 2020 – Updated
Urgent Announcement on School Closure!
12 Jun 2020
A Candid Q&A with Rob Reed, Our Executive Principal
Moving into the future, Asia Pacific School is excited to streamline our International and Malaysian National curricula under the guidance of the International Schools Partnership. With this in mind, we have welcomed our first Executive Principal in Mr Rob Reed. A graduate of Cambridge University, Rob’s extensive leadership experience makes him the right candidate to take us to the next level. Here is what he had to say about the potential of the APS community.
12 Jun 2020
Investing Into APS For Our Children’s Future
Over the years, we’ve been proud of the excellent academic results of our students in both International and Malaysian National curricula. Because of the consistent efforts of our students and educators, we are ranked as one of the top 5 performing schools in the Petaling Utama District and are rated as a 5-Star school by the Ministry of Education (MOE). However, there is no end to getting better, so we are constantly improving our offering both inside and outside the classroom.
12 Jun 2020
What’s in store for SPM candidates when school starts again?
Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was announced, Asia Pacific School (APS) has quickly adapted to a ‘new normal’ in education delivery. While the situation means that our students have been unable to attend regular classes for close to 3 months, data gathered during that time indicates that they have adjusted well to our new modes of learning. In fact, schools across Southeast Asia under the International Schools Partnership (ISP) have seen strong and growing effectiveness of Distance Learning measures.
10 Jun 2020
5 Great Advantages Of Being Part Of The International Schools Partnership
In 2019, Asia Pacific School was acquired by the International Schools Partnership (ISP), a network of 50 schools in 15 different countries including the the USA, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, the UK, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Malaysia.
26 May 2020
What is Amazing Learning?
You may have heard the phrase ‘Amazing Learning’ being used around our school and you may be wondering what exactly it means. Simply put, Amazing Learning is when children surprise themselves – and perhaps their parents and teachers too – with the levels of learning they have achieved. It’s when children realise that they have tremendously improved to a point that they previously thought impossible.
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