Admissions Policy

We operate on an open admissions system, which means that we accept new students throughout the year. All applications for admission are given equal status by the school and no child is excluded on the basis of nationality, culture, religious beliefs, or academic ability.

Prior to admission, parents are to meet the admissions team and, if required, the school principal. This meeting is to ensure:

  • All due forms are given to you and filled out where required.
  • You have the opportunity to share essential information about your child that will help us best cater to their needs. These may include your child’s academic history from previous schools and also where necessary, records of special educational needs or medical records.
  • All parties are clear as to the obligations and the expectations of others.

Parents must pay the registration fee promptly and all the necessary fee payments on time; failure to do so will result in the loss of place.

Children are admitted into the class appropriate to their age, and parents are required to produce evidence of age when submitting the application form. The start of the academic year varies according to the curriculum your child studies (International Curriculum: August; Malaysian National Curriculum: March), so your child’s appropriate age group will be determined based on their age at this cutoff point.

Your child will be required to undertake a Trial Day (TD)/CAT4/Basic Entrance Test (BET) as part of the admissions process. Please note that any test papers are properties of the school and are confidential. Parents are not to view the materials before or after the test. Below are the details of the tests.

International Curriculum
From Preschool to Year 2 - Trial Day (TD)
  • A 1-day trial is offered for new applications (this may be extended to 14 days if further assessment is required before offering a place).
  • During the day, assessments will confirm whether the school feels the student is likely to integrate easily and that the student’s needs can be met.
  • For those applying during the school holidays where a trial day is not applicable, the student will be offered a place on the condition that the first 4 weeks of school are probationary and during this period the assessments will confirm whether the school feels the student is likely to integrate easily and that the student’s needs can be met. Suitability of classes and year group will also be assessed by teachers, students and parents, and adjustments may be made.
  • Until the lapsing of this trial period, placement is provisional. Placements will be confirmed in writing at the end of this trial period.
Year 3 to Year 11 - Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4)
  • Applicants from Year 3 to Year 11 are required to sit for a benchmarking Cognitive Abilities Test [CAT] (4th Edition) online.
  • CAT4 is only appropriate for students 7 years old and above.
  • Students applying for places in Key Stage 4 will be required to select IGCSE subjects as per the school’s option blocks. Please note we may not be able to match other school’s combinations of subjects.
  • Places in Year 10 and Year 11 will not be available after January of the respective year apart from in exceptional circumstances.


Malaysian National Curriculum
Basic Entrance Test (BET)
  • Primary: Bahasa Malaysia/English/Mathematics.
  • Secondary: Bahasa Malaysia/English/Mathematics/*Science (*Applicable to Secondary 4 & Secondary 5 only).
  • BET results will be released after 5 working days.
  • Admission Interview (if required).
  • If the student is accepted, we will notify the result via email and advise on the next steps.
Note: During all applications, we reserve the right to conduct an admission interview if required.

Asia Pacific Schools reserves the right to refuse admission to the school when:

  • It is determined that the student would not benefit educationally from attending the school.
  • The student has a negative scholastic/behavioural record, and is deemed to likely to have a negative impact on the Asia Pacific Schools community.
  • The school cannot meet the special educational needs of the student.
  • The school has no space within a class or year group.
  • Required documents and agreements are not provided and signed by parents or guardians.
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